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Growing in Faith, Fellowship and Service


"I feel very fortunate to have found a place where I am comfortable leaving my children during those first most formative years. CNC has provided my children with such a positive, nurturing and loving foundation, socially, academically and spiritually. When they are finished at CNC, I feel extremely confident that are ready to tackle on their next small step."

"I want what is best for my kids. CNC is where it happens!"

"Thank you again for all the time and dedication that the staff dedicates to the children. I knew they would learn a lot and be in a safe environment. It seems just like yesterday when I dropped 'my son' off kicking and screaming. I remember being so upset by this, but I knew if I stuck it out he would have wonderful rewards. Boy, he is spoiled, such a great experience! I hope he experiences the same as he enters kindergarten."

"CNC is the "good stuff" in life. Thank you to the entire staff."

"You teach from the heart and it shows in the faces of all your students! Thank you for touching the soul of my child, I will never forget you!!! Thank you, God bless you!"

"I continue to be impressed by all of the staff here at the school. I know that the teachers worked tirelessly over the summer to ensure a smooth start to the school year. There isn’t a teacher here who doesn’t warmly welcome parents into the school. I love how we are encouraged to volunteer in the school, how we are welcome to observe our children at any time. I LOVE the programs that families are invited to attend – pumpkin carving night, the Thanksgiving program, the Christmas pageant. I also love how Pastor Dave spends time with the children, gently introducing them to God and teaching them important lessons. I continue to be amazed by the dedication of everyone here at the school."