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"The Link" September 2018

Search Committee

A “Holy Cow” survey, to get a full picture of our church, will be available early September. The results will be used to help put together our formal Church Profile.

Worship Committee

The job description for the position of Interim Pastor was approve and the RCA Classis and Presbytery posted our opening. We are in the process of accepting and reviewing applications. In the meantime, we will continue to have some great guest ministers.

Care Committee

Sometimes life brings you unexpected challenges that may seem overwhelming, and you realize you need a strong support system. In times like these, the NRC Caring Committee is here for you. We’re here to receive and share your prayer requests with the congregation. We’re also here to support you if you’re going through a challenging time.

We’d like to thank all of the volunteers who have supported members and friends of our congregation. Your help in driving Linda Andersen to and from her medical treatments has been extremely helpful. This service allowed her to focus on healing which is most important.   

Next month, a church member will undergo surgery which will require a significant recovery period. We’d like to provide meals to her and her husband during this time. As the date of her surgery nears, we’ll share the meal requests through, a website that is designed to organize meals for a friend in need. If you’d like to provide a meal, but you’re not comfortable using the website, please, let Kelly Neuberger or Anne Mazer know you’re interested in helping out and we’ll add you to the meal calendar. We anticipate the meal schedule to begin in October.

If you have a prayer request or you need support in any way, please contact Kelly Neuberger at or Anne Mazer at You’re also welcome to call Kelly (908 458-7093) or Anne (908 938-2900) with any concerns. 

Rally Day to Include Pot Luck Luncheon

We hope everyone has had a great summer.  On September 9th, we are kicking off the new year with our annual Rally Day.   Sunday School will be starting that morning, church service will be in the sanctuary again and after the service there will be a potluck lunch in Fellowship Hall.  The Chairs of the different church committees will be available to share what’s going on and how people can join in and help.  It's a great time to get involved in the life of our church.  See you there!

 Sunday School

Wherever we are there should be a place for Jesus with us. Sunday School may be the only place where your children can learn about Jesus Christ. We live hectic lives and our children's experiences are a reflection of the pace of our modern connected lives. When children come to the Sunday School at the Neshanic Reformed Church we give them a space and a time to learn about things. The things that our public school systems do not. The values learned through Bible stories for the youngest children and the discussions held by the older children may be the only time our children get to know the story of Christ.

Each year the volunteer teachers see a new intake of wonderful young children. Each year they have the opportunity and privilege to teach children the most important lessons in life. We are hoping to give each child a grounding in Christian teaching. We hope this knowledge is taken with them into their adult lives and to their children's lives afterwards. We look forward to another year of Christian teaching at our church.

Sunday School is being offered this year for children in grades K-5.  If your child is in grades 6-8 and would like to be involved, please contact us for volunteer opportunities and of course, seek out our NRC Youth Group!  We are still seeking  adult teachers who would like to be part of this opportunity to be engaged with our youth and their learning of Christ. 

We hope you will join us on Rally Day, 9/9 to celebrate the start of Sunday School this year! If you can’t make it, feel free to bring your child any Sunday you can as, they are always welcome here at NRC!

Please contact Michelle Zgombic at (908) 371-1855, or Glenn Hinks at (908) 788-0789, if you are interested and would like more detailed information. 

Summer Mission Project 2018

The participants of this year's trip had a great week in Uniontown, PA working through the Connellsville Area Community Ministries organization from July 15-21. The group addressed three projects for three different homeowners, building an access ramp, roofing a house, and addressing significant exterior needs of a trailer home (the most time consuming project of the week by far.)

Thanks to each of you who supported the SMP through your prayers and/or gifts. As always, the week allowed ministry to be extended and received by all who attended and made a tangible difference in the lives of numerous Connellsville-area residents.

Come one, come all! Join the NRC Youth Group this FALL!

The NRC Youth Group is open to anyone grades 5-12.  Last year we went Christmas Caroling and held a Master Chef Competition. We also went to the movies, had BBQ's, bonfires and pool parties.  What can happen this year?  Join us to find out!  Our first meeting will be held on 9/16 in Fellowship Hall immediately following church service.  There we can sign up, spread out our ideas and build the calendar for the year- see you there!


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