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Christmas Eve Update

December 24, 2020
By Admin

Unfortunately, due to a rainy forecast, we have decided to cancel this evening's outdoor Christmas Pageant at 5 p.m.  

Please tune in to our virtual Christmas Eve service available now here and remember that the day is coming when we will be together again. 

Roadside luminaries will be on display starting at dusk on Christmas day.

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Luminaries for Christmas Eve

November 25, 2020
By Admin

On Christmas Eve, the roadside of our property will be adorned with luminaries to celebrate the birth of the Christ child and to highlight our beautiful church!

Individual luminary bags are available for purchase and can be given in honor or memory of friends and loved ones or to the glory of God.  Dedications will be published on our website throughout December and a note card will be placed by each luminary bag that is dedicated on December 24!

Click here to order and here to see dedications!

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Participate in Worship Service

November 12, 2020
By Admin

We're  seeking individuals and families to share the "Call to Worship" or the Old Testament Bible reading.  All ages are welcome. Prerecorded video or audio will be added to our online Sunday worship service.  Help is available for the "technology challenged"! Contact Neva in the church office for questions and to sign up. 

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Musicians Wanted!

October 01, 2020
By Admin

From our Director of Music:  I would love to have more budding or fully blossomed musicians join in the worship  services.  I have music for every instrument/voice of all levels.  Even those knowing only a few notes can play a song to which I’ll add an accompaniment.  

Please contact me at, and I will send you a piece to record and return to me.  After adding a second or third part,  I’ll email it back for your permission to share it.  YouToo can be a YouTube sensation (only for the glory of God).

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Pictures Wanted

August 30, 2020
By Admin

We welcome our congregants to share a picture of something good or inspiring that happened this past week!  Click here to submit

Pictures submitted by Thursday will appear during the Sunday worship service presentation.


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Volunteers Needed for Sunday Worship

July 31, 2020
By Admin
Part of our preparation in order to return the sanctuary for Sunday worship in September is to secure valuable volunteers, a.k.a. the "HUG Team"!
  • Health Screener
  • Usher
  • Greeter

Without a significant volunteer pool to fill these important positions we won't be able to resume in-person worship service.  

Click here for a description of each HUG team member and contact Neva in the church office by August 16th to discuss, ask questions, or add your name to the team list. Thank you in advance for responding quickly, so we can plan for September.

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Prayer Requests

July 10, 2020
By Admin

Is there someone in need or someone to celebrate?  Let us know so it can be added to our Prayer List, updated with each weekly email

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